Irrigation System

We are know water value in UAE, so Strive hard work to It delivers the proper amount of water to the appropriate plantation by best way, obviously this is not a simple ,Irrigation is one of the keys to a beautiful landscape we have the experts to analyze and adjust your irrigation system for optimum performance.

A professionally installed automatic sprinkler, dripper system doesn’t only enhance growth to your lawn and plants and protect your valuable plants and landscaping but it also opens doors to other varieties of plant material that might not be possible without the proper moisture. Irrigation network applications are even more prudent because the underground system can get water to places that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

We know how to application irrigation water …

  • Drip line & Compensating system.
  • Sprinklers include spray pop up & rotors, rotatory and impacts.
  • Gun irrigation system.
  • Irrigation subsurface system (leakage system).
  • Surface irrigation system
  • Central controls system and all control system.
  • Irrigation & water pumps.
  • Irrigation water tanks (all reservoirs types).
  • Application all irrigation automatic & manual system.
  • Rectification of existing irrigation system.