Future Park Landscape FPL offers a wide range of landscaping works from landscape master planning and green infrastructure to detailed site design and contract administration to completion include irrigation system , soft landscape and hard landscape as well as gardening maintenance services.



Future Park Landscape FPL : offers of comprehensive and integrated design – re design for landscape, sports , irrigation , and range of design to implementation for all type of gardens/parks and green areas in administrative centers to all the green space in towns and municipalities…etc.

1)Conceptual design (soft & hard landscape) and irrigation system

2) Details & typical installation layout

3) Shop& as built drawings

4) Hydraulic calculation for irrigation pumps and head

5)Calculated capacity water & tanks design (plantation water annually requirements)

6)Site analysis & evaluation

7) Estimates

8) Prepared tender documentation & B.O.Q

9)  Supervision consultancy

10) Surveyed and calculation works.

Build Soft Landscape

Future Park Landscape company is a full – services landscaping contractor to supply and build the all types gardens including planting trees ,shrubs ,bushes, flowers ,lawns, date palms,vines and native plants ,accordance with UAE environments and sustainability requirement.

What we can do …

  • Public Parks(Oriental Landscape & Englsih Gardens , Formal Landscape.)
  • Streetscape
  • Kiddie Gardens
  • Private Garden(Palace – Villa – Farm – Rest Area- Townhouse..)
  • Famliy Parks
  • Yuth Gardens
  • Rpcky Gardens
  • Water Gardens
  • School ,University , Hotels and ResortGardens

Fish Gardens(Custom Design For Fish and Zoo Parks)

Build Hard Landscape

Future Park Landscape

To put the final touch to the gardens should enter all gardens elements of beauty, and we are in future park landscape doing the diversity of the gardens between the tiles, rocks and swimming pools, lighting, deck, seating area and water feature and lots and lots from landscape elements.

  • Paving & Tiles
  • Wall feature
  • Seating & Chair
  • Outdoor Wooden Structures
  • Handrail
  • Step Stone
  • Stamped ,paver, walkway, driveway
  • Arabic JALS
  • Kerbstone
  • Gravels
  • Barbecue & B.B.Q areas
  • Landscape Furniture
  • Planter Boxes
  • Landscape Signage

Swimming Pool

We understand your needs, Future Park Landscape team when building your custom swimming pools, we study your requirements! Our goal is to design the ultimate experience for you and your needs.

Fountain & Water feature 

Water features make an impressive and relaxing addition to landscapes, offering a peaceful retreat from hectic days. When planning your water feature, our team will meet with you and customize it specifically for your landscape.

The installation can also include colorful additions like lotus, water lilies, and bog plants that are locally grown at our nursery on the Windward side.

If you have a water feature that needs a minor repair to major restoration, feel free to call our team for more information 04 2 771130

Pergola & gazebos

Pergola & gazebo considered of complementary and important elements of the garden, they are a place to sit as the afternoon until sunset and also relaxing time at night or early morning with landscape light under the pergola, Future Park Landscape team design pergolas fit your needs, we manufacture all pergolas , just contact us.

Landscape lighting

Night lighting is important element in your gardens, cryptic landscape lighting for creating outdoor ambiance,Future Park Landscape use night lighting for subtle focal point lighting to highlight palms, tree, shrubbery, fountains and water features, as well as to provide light along garden pathways, kids play, and private zone.

Future Park Landscape specializes in a variety of low voltage landscape night lighting across UAE. Our team of landscaping experts can help you choose the best night lighting for your garden, as well as installation.

Kids play equipment’s

It is  nice to see our kids playing in front of us, in our of Future Park  landscape build  games zone and entertainment for children, according to the safety standards, we have a wonderful variety of games to suit all ages, only contact us.